Optimus College Mentorship

Optimus College Mentorship: –

Optimus offer a free and optional mentorship program for its students to help address personal and academic challenges, and to build self esteem and confidence towards successful career in the industry of choice. Optimus Mentorship program establishes the network of faculty, staff and industry experts, who volunteer to support and guide students, thus fostering relationships that support student’s journey towards job placement or higher education. The primary purpose of this program is to develop a support system for students to learn industry specifics and to facilitate in making the right career choices.

Optimus College will assign an experienced professional (“Mentor”) to each of its students, participating in this program, at the start of the final year of graduation (i.e. semesters V & VI). The mentor will be from the industry professional chosen by the students, for his/her future career. Any insight/advice from mentor is an invaluable source of information and serves as inspiration to students. The mentors are committed to passing along the practical wisdom they’ve gained from real-world experience. They can act as sources of support, or someone who can give knowledgeable feedback on student’s ideas. The students will primarily interact with their mentor over email or phone, and, in some cases, in-person, when mentor visits the campus.


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