Teaching Methodology


Optimus College follows the curriculum of Jiwaji University, Gwalior, MP for its graduate programs (BBA, BCA and B.Com). The advance pedagogy adopted by IIM and IIT will be used for our students. Some of such innovative practices which will be an integral part of our delivery mechanism are listed below:

  • Power point presentations
  • Hands-on experience
  • Case based methodology
  • Group discussions
  • Classes from guest faculty from Institutes of repute
  • Classes from guest faculty from Industry
  • Role Plays
  • Computer Based Training

Most colleges have faculty-led discussion pedagogy in which majority of the students feel left out. Clearing the exams becomes the sole motive for students. We have a strong faith that an interactive classroom session in which students are involved in discussions and are made to deliver presentations of pre-assigned topics is a much better tool of imparting knowledge to students. Also, case based methodology is not been applied in most colleges. An attempt would be made to support theory sessions with related real-time case which can supplement the knowledge so that students have a clear idea of how to use theory in practice. This kind of methodology needs a lot of preparation on the part of pedagogy design team and faculty. Hence, the Optimus College will put every effort to have the best of all on board. Also, We have a strong alumni base from IIM Calcutta and from other IIM Alumni associations and also from our respective engineering colleges in virtually every field of technology and management who are very willing to contribute their knowledge and expertise in our venture. This reinforces our faith that we will deliver only the best and latest pedagogy to our students.

In addition to the specified curriculum of the University, the Optimus College has floated Optimus College Certification (OCC) in an attempt to abridge any gaps between the curriculum and industry requirements. This Certification Course will also aim at